PWN Global Webinar: Who Is In Your Personal Boardroom?

23 January 2018 13:00 CET - 14:00 CET WEBINAR

Research shows that it is perfectly natural to not like networking – (even if you are a member of a network like PWN).  So, in this lively webinar, Amanda Scott will share an approach which even the most hardened introverts agree – makes sense.  By learning how networks really work – what makes them healthy and fruitful, networking can be seen as more than a mistrustful tool for business development. 


Personal Boardroom’s approach differs from teaching ‘networking’ skills – it involves simple but effective rules of thumb that anyone can use to activate a resource rich personal network. And why building relationships with a small number of well-placed people (instead of connecting with lots) is more profitable for accomplishing professional goals and sustaining success for the long-term.


  • Participants will leave knowing how a Personal Boardroom framework puts structure around networking.  And with insight into Personal Boardroom’s 12 roles, begin identifying people needed for success. 
  • Participants will leave saying “I can put my fears around networking to one side now because it’s made me think about what my network is for”
  • Participants will leave feeling energised! The webinar was creative and collaborative. “I’m more alive to the possibilities the PWN network can bring me now.  I can do this!” 


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  • Ms Amanda Scott
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