PWN Global Webinar: Leading and Working in Multi-Cultural Teams

05 April 2018 13:00 CET - 14:00 CET WEBINAR

Is globalization bringing us closer together? Think again. With refugees crossing cultures without preparation, in extreme haste for basic survival, the vastly documented dangers of intercultural miscommunication are intensifying. Already in a multi-cultural workplace or on international teams dispersed around the globe, tensions multiply when disagreements occur over the smallest of things.

In our hyper-connected world (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc), colliding cultures increasingly cause misperceptions and mistrust, affecting worker performance, productivity and missed project deadlines.

What new insights or learning do you hope your session will provoke?

This webinar/workshop will explore varying approaches to work and potential conflict  that impact productivity and trust when working with people from diverse backgrounds. We will look at a case study of a failed international merger and 2-3 critical incidents that highlight the need to be aware of culture-specific core values that underlie behaviour and use this as a springboard to build trust with international colleagues and business partners. 


To understand the challenge of intercultural effectiveness through analysis of a cross-cultural merger and incidents based on real-life intercultural misunderstandings:

  • provides a method to approach cross-cultural situations confidently
  • develops skills to build understanding across cultural gaps
  • enhances collaboration that leverages differences as assets.
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  • Ms Christina Kwok
    Cross-Cultural Synergies Owner VIEW PROFILE