PWN Global Webinar: Smart Strategies for Resilient Women

08 February 2018 13:00 CET - 13:00 CET WEBINAR

We all know that life can sometimes be like a rollercoaster ride. At the least expected moment, something happens (either personally or professionally, big or small), which can turn our lives upside down. 

It’s certainly true that we don’t always choose for what happens to us, but we can choose our response. If our response is supportive, it can make a huge difference to the quality of the outcome. We are responsible for our responses. We are ‘response able’.

How do we gain this freedom to respond and not just fall back into a knee-jerk reaction? How do we become resilient to what life sends our way? How can we teach our children to become more resilient adults? 

In this one hour interactive webinar, Mary Jane will share with us smart strategies to implement when ‘the going gets tough’. It starts with awareness, the first step to creating change: using a combination of self-reflective exercises, sharing experiences, practicing techniques and the knowledge to ground what you have learned. You will leave this webinar with the tools to be able to quickly bounce back from difficulties.  

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  • Ms Mary Jane Roy
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